Registry Week Survey Results

The campaign goal to end chronic homelessness in 20 communities and house 20,000 of the most vulnerable homeless people by July 2020 is intentionally time-bound, concrete and measurable. To keep our movement honest, accurate and continuously improving the campaign will provide timely and public reporting on our progress.

As the campaign unfolds we’ll be providing regularly updated local, provincial and national reports on data collected through the Registry Week surveys.

The campaign will specifically track and report on youth and Aboriginal homelessness as identified through Registry Weeks and By-Name Lists in order to understand and begin to resolve these critical issues.

The campaign will also track and report public system use by vulnerable homeless people in order to advocate for public policy changes and funding in support of ending homelessness.

Those reports will be published here, starting in the fall of 2015.

Monthly Reporting

Communities work towards submitting monthly reports on their housing move-ins and By-Name List numbers. We will roll up this data to provide regular local, provincial and national progress reports that track progress towards the Campaign goals and celebrate key milestones.


All information collected by the campaign will be collected in accordance with local, provincial and federal privacy legislation and our campaign privacy policy. The campaign will not collect, store or disclose identifiable individual personal information.

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For more information on our data collection, reporting or privacy policy, please contact us

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