The resources here are intended to help you get a running start at ending homelessness in your community and to help you learn from other communities who may already have solved the challenges your community faces.

Keep checking back here as we will be regularly adding resources and information.

By-Name List Resource Page

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Registry Week Toolkit

A Registry Week is designed to jump-start your campaign to end homelessness by mobilizing your community to gather actionable person specific data to prioritize and house your most vulnerable homeless neighbours. The Registry Week Toolkit has everything you need to plan and execute a successful Registry Week.

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Ontario Specific Registry Week Materials for 2018

In consultation with the Ontario Ministry of Housing, the Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness has developed materials and guidelines to support communities to conduct a Registry Week to fulfill their Ontario Homeless Enumeration requirements for 2018.  See the 2018 Ontario Enumeration Registry Week Survey Packet for more details. 

Registry Week Training Presentations from November 17, 2017:
Download Word versions of Survey Materials for Ontario 2018 Enumeration:

1. Joint PiT/Registry Survey (with Ontario Questions):

2. Registry Week Only Survey (with Ontario Questions):

General Registry Week/Point-in-Time Count Coordination for 2018

In consultation with the Homelessness Partnering Strategy, the Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness has developed guidelines to allow 20,000 Homes Campaign communities to conduct Registry Weeks in coordination with their Point-in-Time Counts. Access the PiT and Registry Week Coordination Packet 2018 for details.

Tools (Word versions) for Coordinated PiT Count/Registry Weeks:

Information on Registry Week VI-SPDAT 

The Vulnerability Index – Service Prioritization Decision Assistance Tool (VI-SPDAT) is a brief survey offered by the 20,000 Homes Campaign to help communities quickly determine whether a client has high, moderate, or low acuity.  The VI-SPDAT is a user friendly survey that can be administered by volunteers without intensive specialized training or experience.

Download a copy of the 20,000 Homes Campaign VI-SPDAT: Single Individual –  20,000 Homes Campaign VI SPDAT 

Click here for more information on the VI-SPDAT from the developer OrgCode Consulting Inc.

20,000 Homes Campaign Monthly Report Form

Campaign communities are asked to submit monthly reports on housing move-ins and their By-Name List.

Access the 20,000 Homes Campaign monthly report form here


The campaign will host regular webcasts to share information and learning on different elements of the campaign. Upcoming dates are listed below.  Click here to visit the archive.

Date and Time Topic Registration
May 1, 2018
1:00-2:30 pm EST
Diversion Series Part 2 – Programs from Waterloo and Edmonton Register
May 9, 2018
1:30-3:00 pm EST
Proof-Points – Lessons from the First Three Years of Built for Zero  Register
June 7, 2018
Noon-1:30 pm EST
Supporting Renters and Working with Landlords  Register
July 17, 2018
1:00-2:30 pm EST
20KHomes Quarterly Update Register
More Dates for 2018 (All EST) – Mark Your Calendar:
August 23rd 1:30-3 pm, Sept 17th Noon-1:30 pm, October 11th 1:30-3 pm, November 8th Noon-1:30, December 6th 1-2:30 pm

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Privacy Guidelines

When we collect sensitive and very personal information we have an obligation to protect the privacy, safety and dignity of the individuals whose information is collected. The campaign has developed these guidelines and tools for participating communities.

20,000 Homes Campaign guidelines for dealing with personal information

20,000 Homes Campaign data sharing agreement

Sample client survey consent form

Functional Zero Chronic Homelessness

The 20,000 Homes Campaign has created a definition for what it means for a community to be identified as achieving functional zero on chronic homelessness – for the purposes of the Campaign.  Download the 20KHomes Functional Zero Chronic Q&A for further information.

Public Relations Toolkit

We are building a movement! Movement building means reaching out to Canadians from all walks of life, getting them to care, getting their support and most importantly, getting them to take action in support of ending homelessness. Communication is an integral part of the 20,000 Homes Campaign.

This toolkit is designed to support your local campaign communications and community mobilization efforts before, during and after your Registry Week. The toolkit includes campaign backgrounders, suggested messaging, FAQs, a range of templates as well as some advice on media relations, social media and more.

Public Relations Toolkit

Housing First

A core element of the campaign is to help communities implement Housing First in a way that makes sense in each community. Through our national campaign team and partners in the field, we will provide communities with the coaching, training and technical assistance required to successfully implement Housing First programs.


CAEH Training and Technical Assistance

Helping communities and organizations end homelessness with expert training and technical assistance. 



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