The information and resources here are intended to support your efforts to implement effective housing with support programs in your work to prevent and end homelessness.

Below you will find information and tools organized under the headings of Rapid Re-Housing, Housing First, Supportive Housing, and General Resources (that cross the different program types). Remember, you can also always search on the Homeless Hub and the Community Workspace on Homelessness for housing with support related information.

Keep checking back here as we will be regularly updating materials and adding further resources.


Rapid Re-Housing

This section includes resources related to Rapid Re-Housing Programs (typically intended for people with mid-acuity who have experienced transitional or episodic homelessness who do not require longer-term intensive supports to remain housed) from the National Alliance to End Homelessness (NAEH).

Housing First

This section includes resources for Housing First Programs (providing longer-term intensive housing-based support in housing of people’s choice throughout the community).

Supportive Housing

This section includes resources related to fixed-site supportive housing programs (providing longer-term intensive housing-based support typically connected to a particular building/units). 

General Resources

This section includes resources that could apply to one or more of the housing with support programs above (Rapid Re-Housing, Housing First, and Supportive Housing).

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